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  • Jan 23, 2021

Blackjack is a game that is well known among punters in the online gaming world. It is a game that involves one or more players against one dealer. The idea is to compare your card with the dealer. Regardless of the cards that other players have, you will still win if you meet the necessary requirements. Blackjack has evolved from when the game started and has several variants that you can encounter at online casinos. Since the players are playing against the dealer, more than one player can win. To win, your hand should not go further than 21 and the player hand should be higher than the dealer. You can study more on online blackjack at new-zealand-onlinecasino

Match the dealer rule

In Blackjack, there are several methods of placing bets for the players. These bets are divided into two types. There is the main bet and there is the side bet. The side bet is made up of different forms and some of them are Perfect Pairs, Insurance and match the dealer. The side bet is a type of side bet that is mostly found in blackjack variants like Spanish 21. Essentially, for this side bet, a player wins when the two cards that were shared to the player at the beginning of the round matches the cards of the dealer either partially or fully. The fuller the match, the higher the pay that the player will get for the round.

  • Match the dealer is a side bet
  • You can play Match the dealer with other bets

The paytable for this bet changes for diverse variants. This is due to the differences in the odds of the game when the rules of the variant have been applied. The outcome that is likely to occur is a non-suited match. A non-suited match is a match between the player and the dealer's card that is not of the same suit. This match only shares the same rank. When this occurs, the player is paid four times the bet of the player. The next to this outcome is the two non-fit matches. This is also pretty easy to come by but not as the first discussed. When you get this match, you will get 8 times your bet amount

The paytable above only focused on non-fit matches. However, if you have a fit match between the card of the player and that of the dealer, you will get 11 times your bet for that round. There are some cases whereby there are mixes in the matches. Be that as it may, when you have one match that is of the same suit and one non-fit match, you will get 15 times your bet amount. The ultimate outcome whihc has the lowest odds of winning is the two fit match. When this occurs, you get the highest pay which is 22 times your original bet. This payable is mostly for general blackjack, however, variants like Spanish 21 pay differently.


Choosing an online casino

To enjoy playing online blackjack, the player has to create an account with an online casino. This online casino must meet certain requirements before you choose it and create an account on it. The primary prerequisite is that the gambling casino must be licensed to operate by a recognised gambling authority in the locale in which the online club operates. By and large, the licensing information of the online casino can be seen at the footer of the website. Also, the online casino should have responsive customer support that will assist with any issues at whatever time you come across them. Another requirement to tick off is that the online casino must be transparent in their operations

On a final note, match the dealer side wager is a good way to hit consistent wins. However, the pay can be low compared to the main bets for outcomes that are easy to get. However, you should be familiar with how to play blackjack before you start with the side bets. There are basic strategies that you should put in mind. You should know when to take the blackjack actions. You can start by playing a blackjack trainer. This software will teach you what decisions to make at different steps. You can also use different betting strategies to match the dealer. When you have tested out your skill, you can go ahead to start playing with real cash

Online Blackjack side bet Match the dealer